Ours has been a rewarding journey of engineering excellence and continuous innovation. Established in 2017, INMET Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has carved a niche in the MIM technology. INMET is taking forward a long and strong legacy of technology driven expertise. We are trusted for our capabilities in concept to process design, engineering, manufacturing, testing and validation. INMET policies are designed for highest standards of excellence. Our focus is to be a leading global manufacturer and a supplier for a variety of MIM components.

Keeping pace with the latest technology, evolving as per the changing market dynamics and creating a pool of talented manpower, are factors that drive our growth. We aim to deliver the best and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, based on the foundation of our core values and customer objectives.


State-of-the-art infrastructure with Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology and strong capabilities

Proven track record and commitment to excellence

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Well-knit supplier network with a global customer as our premium supply partner

Speedy scale-up of the developments and supplies along with timely delivery



Our aim is to evolve as a differentiator in engineered metal products for our valued mobility partners through digital transformation and manufacturing excellence with focus on clean & green energy while providing inclusive & empowering culture.


To become global, agile and preferred partner to customers by providing one stop, optimal, reliable and innovative solutions while striving for well-being of employees and environment.


  • Mutual Trust
  • World-class Quality
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Culture of Teamwork
  • Technology-driven Expertise
  • Customer-centric Approach
  • Social Responsibility


At INMET, we are exceeding customer expectations with our ‘No Compromise’ approach. We ensure to deliver optimum performance on all fronts. By being a strong technology hand of our customers, we continue our journey towards being a trusted leader and the ‘first choice’ of our customers.

Inmet Technology and Capabilities

INMET Technology and Capabilities