Unmatched Purity in Every Drop.

Indulge in the Promise of Purity

At HealthOrgOil, we invite you to taste the freshness of our cold pressed oils, delivered from our farms to your homes. Using the traditional wooden mill extraction, we are able to retain all the nutrients in the oil you use for your daily cooking. As a result, there is no heat or mechanical or chemical process, which reduces the consumption of chemicals for your beloved family.
We all want the best for our loved ones, right? Then why compromise on the oil that you consume on a daily basis? Switch to a healthier and safer oil with HealthOrgOil and experience the difference in taste, nutrition, and well-being. Our products are 100% chemical-free and safe to consume for all age groups.

Important Features


Natural and Traditional

We take inspiration from the traditional times of Ayurveda and books written by Vaghbhata where in nature had all the answers. Even in today’s modern times, nature has some of the best cures for all our lifestyle-related challenges.


Do you really know how many chemicals we consume on a daily basis through our food? Choose a healthy oil that’s 100% chemical-free and your body will thank you in the future!

Hand-made with Love

All our oils are cold-pressed and made with a lot of love and nurturing. We respect our local ingredients and ensure that every single product is made with care so that you get the best of oils for your family.

Uncompromised Quality

Above all, we never compromise on quality – whether it is during choosing the ingredients, raw materials, process, or packaging and delivery. You can expect bespoke quality no matter which oil you choose from HealthOrgOil.

Proudly Made in India

We support Ayurveda and the make in India movement and therefore, proudly produce all our products in India while preserving and celebrating our traditions. You, too, can support the cause and use an oil that’s manufactured in India, by Indians!

“The secret ingredient is always coconut oil.”

Customer Stories

  • “If you’re a cholesterol patient, this is a great oil for your daily foods. I started using HealthOrgOil for my husband and his cholesterol levels have been in control ever since. Would definitely recommend it to all families.”
  • “After using the refined oils for almost a decade, I decided to try cold-pressed oils. My friend recommended HealthOrgOil since she had been using it for a few months. It was truly magical as it changed my health and well-being and also infused a lot of goodness in my food.”
  • “I am using the coconut oil in my recipes and being a South Indian, I can vouch for its purity and taste. It is one of the most delicious oils I have tried. I will definitely recommend it to everyone.”
  • “I switched to HealthOrgOil and everyone at home is loving the taste of our meals. I can smell the purity, and I am grateful to the company for producing such good quality products.”
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